"Everything is important. Either that or nothing is.
... I prefer the former." ~ Jim Henson

21st April 2014

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Next time a blocked number calls you answer like this: “Jim’s whore house. You got the dough, we got the hoe.”

Why does this not have any notes?

lol no “Nashville sperm bank, you squeeze it we freeze it. how may I help you?”

“Henderson’s Morgue, you stab em, we slab em, this is Eight Ball speaking.”

“Texas crematorium you kill ‘em we grill ‘em how can I direct your call?”

"Happy Helen’s Whore House, Happy Helen speaking, how may I help you?"

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20th April 2014


I should be sleeping but I can’t stop looking at dragons on Flight Rising. There are so many cute ones in the auction house!

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19th April 2014

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Back in college I got into the website Gaia Online and got really into making characters based off of the outfits I made.  To this day I still do that and recently I made this -

Which I decided looked like an RPG style item shopkeeper. Now I’ve decided to try and so a series of comics with her dealing with annoying adventurers in her store. I’ve got a couple sketches so far that I’m pleased with though I may regret giving her a plaid skirt. Still have to come up with a name for her too.

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9th April 2014

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I’m feeling so torn right now. I’ve got some new sketches I wanna finish coloring in Photoshop but now I’m suddenly in the mood to replay Final Fantasy IX.

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4th April 2014

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Horseshoe Crab

My mom’s been making some cool posters in Illustrator lately so I’ve gotten her to sign up to Tumblr so she can showcase some of them. This one’s my favorite. ^^


Horseshoe Crab

My mom’s been making some cool posters in Illustrator lately so I’ve gotten her to sign up to Tumblr so she can showcase some of them. This one’s my favorite. ^^

12th March 2014

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Hey. Don’t just scroll past. Come back and watch this. You need it more than you know.

This actually got me crying.

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10th March 2014

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So I joined a new Pathfinder group a couple months ago and I’ve been having lots of fun with it. However tonight, I don’t know whether to applaud my DM or curse him. To make a long story short, our party is passing through a particularly shady city and we decide to take part in an auction. One of the “items” up for bid was a creature called a Blink Dog. A small dog capable of teleporting around. DM makes note that it’s an intelligent creature and that the other people bidding have less than favorable plans for it. I bid everything I had to try and get this dog, not because “oh hey, cool loot!” but I legitimately felt bad for the poor little guy.

Sadly the dice were not in my favor and I lost him. I actually felt like crying the rest of the night and basically decided my character was gonna drown her sorrows in the local tavern. Oh Blink Dog, I’m so sorry I didn’t have more gold to buy you. I shouldn’t have been so honest right away and said I only had 600 gold. >.<

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23rd February 2014

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Ravs x Bed OTP

I’d ship it. But what will Olivia think?

22nd February 2014

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Am I the only one that doesn’t mind that Sjin cut his hair? I think he looks good. Though I might’ve been a little distracted by his magnificent mustache. >.>

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17th January 2014

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Finally saw Frozen

Can’t stop listening “Let it go”

Send help